Sudan | 12 August 2021

Sudan: Christian activist beaten and threatened at gun-point

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According to a report by International Christian Concern (ICR) on 6 July 2021, masked gunmen stopped the car of a Christian activist and advisor to Sudan"s Minister of Religious Affairs on 2 July 2021 in Khartoum. He was beaten and threatened with death if he continued to call for the return of confiscated Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church property. World Watch Research analysts Yonas Dembele gives some background information: "In March 2020, the Transitional Government ordered the removal of committees imposed on churches by ex- President Bashir"s government (ICR, 13 March 2020). This move was expected to pave the way for the return of church property to the rightful church owners. However, church leaders are still waiting for the return of all church buildings, land and property wrongfully confiscated by the former regime. In general, the Transitional Government has been working hard to improve the human rights situation (including religious freedom) in the country, which led the US Commission on International Religious Freedom State Department to remove Sudan from its Special Watch List in December 2020. Nevertheless, this assault on a Christian in Khartoum is a stark reminder that, despite the improved situation, Christians are still vulnerable to attacks by non-state actors."


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