The world's largest outreach to persecuted Christians in the most high-risk places.

Bibles for believers most IN DANGER
because of their faith in Jesus

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Help provide Bibles for believers like sister Raisa in IRAQ. It took a risky journey to find her. Open Doors teams have always specialised in delivery to the most dangerous places for Christians.


Believers living in the world’s most dangerous places delight in nothing more than receiving a personal Bible and the strength that they know it brings…


…and vulnerable children benefit as never before as they begin to learn and share the Gospel story for the first time.

“We are nothing without a Bible. But we can face anything with it. Your gift of this book is the greatest gift.”

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Indian believers learn what it takes to sustain their faith in Jesus despite persecution.


Few know of the growing violence against Christians in places such as India today. Believers are cut off, out of sight, and forgotten. Alone, they are badly unprepared against attack. With your help and working with local churches, Open Doors prepares Christians for persecution.


Sisters, like Cynthia in Bangladesh, will not be left to cope alone, but given a vital link to support and Bible training.

“We have to worship by candlelight. We bury our Bibles to keep them safe. We feel very alone.”

As an Open Doors partner, you can help bring Bible Training to believers the world has forgotten or chooses to ignore.

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Help change the prospects for Aisha. Sisters like Aisha face a double challenge. As a Christian she is hunted for what she believes. Her lack of income means poverty, which just adds to the hurt.


Now that Eti has learned a new skill, her whole life and outlook has changed. She can earn and help care for her family. She has found new confidence and self-esteem so that she can face up to, and even witness to, her persecutors.


Not only have these brothers learned a new trade, but they have earned the respect of others in their village.

Discover how to join and help change the prospects for those like Aisha and Eti, who have to live hand-to-mouth AND face daily persecution.

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Open Doors team members pray with a sister whose husband has been killed for his faith.


“There was no greater blessing than when we realised how your life had changed because we had prayed.”


When disaster strikes and you already live surrounded by hatred, the prayers of believers around the world are a vital source of strength.

“The best helping hand you can give us is to have praying hands.”

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With Open Doors, you can reach out to those in prison, help defend those without an advocate, and protect defenceless Christian families.


It could not get worse for Ruth. Her husband threw her out of their home. He took the children, then took her to court. All because she accepted Christ.

Open Doors defends her case, and many like hers.


“To be in prison but innocent was the worst feeling. To have a friend and advocate on the outside was more precious than I can say.”

“Remember the prisoners as if you were in prison yourself.”

Hebrews 13:3