Elections Chad | 29 May 2024

Chad: Mahamat Deby declared winner of disputed election

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According to Reuters reporting on 16 May 2023, Mahamat Deby has officially won the Chad presidential election which was conducted on 6 May. He seized power in 2021 the day after his father was apparently killed in a clash with rebels. As reported by AFP News on 13 May 2024, opposition groups had challenged the results.

World Watch Research analyst Yonas Dembele comments: “It is always a difficult choice for citizens, for without a strongman in power there would be chaos. In many parts of the Sahel and northern Africa, strongmen have made relative stability possible, and Chad is no exception. For 30 years, Idriss Deby ruled Chad as an authoritarian leader in a chaotic region. In fact, Chad played a key role in fighting Boko Haram. When Idriss was killed in April 2021, the son of the former president was appointed as interim president by sidelining the constitutional framework. After three years of military rule, elections were at last held in May 2024: On the one hand, this can hopefully extend the relative stability of Chad in such a chaotic region; but on the other, it also maintains the status quo of human rights abuses.” 

Yonas Dembele continues: “For Christians, the election result looks set to perpetuate the status quo of suppression. What this election does not affect is the increasing radicalization of the Muslim community in some parts of the country.” 


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