Communist and post-Communist oppression China | 20 July 2023

China: Patriotic education revisited

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As reported Radio Free Asia on 27 June 2023, a new law has been drafted which aims at introducing mandatory patriotic education in schools. This would include the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) official version of history, national symbols, "national unity" and "national security".

World Watch Research analyst Thomas Muller comments: “‘Xi Jinping thought’ has become essential teaching for CCP members to study and covers a wide range of topic. The urgent desire to inject such ‘thought’ into young minds may point to CCP concerns that the younger generation is growing up without sufficient ideological dedication. If the first wave of online comments on the draft law is anything to go by (China Digital Times, 3 July 2023), instilling the desired thought-patterns may prove to be an uphill struggle. As a result, many webpages reporting on the draft law have disabled their comments boards. For Christians, especially parents, this is yet another effort to indoctrinate children and youths by trying to impose a ‘correct mindset’. The stronger these efforts become – and the more successful the suppression of alternative sources of information and viewpoints – the harder it will get for Christian parents and churches to teach and instill Christian faith and values in their families.”

Thomas Muller continues: “In another effort at instilling the ‘correct mindset’, the All-China Journalists Association has brought out a training app, which offers more than 220 courses on topics such as the Marxist view on journalism, CCP leadership and control of the media and – of course – ‘Xi Jinping thought’ (China Media Project, 4 July 2023). As an added bonus, the app is also able to track their progress and certify their training results, thus assisting with annual reviews and renewals of journalists’ press cards.”


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