Communist and post-Communist oppression China | 13 March 2023

China: The Two Sessions meeting prioritizes the CCP

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A legislative meeting in Beijing called the Two Sessions started on 4 March 2023 and is expected to last for two weeks. The discussions look set to continue giving priority to the Communist Party (CCP) over the government. According to Radio Free Asia reporting on 28 February 2023: “Structural reforms by the ruling Chinese Communist Party leadership that could bring government security and intelligence branches under the direct control of the ruling party, rather than the country's cabinet, suggest a further bid to consolidate political power in the hands of leader Xi Jinping as well as a possible preparation for war, analysts said.”

World Watch Research analyst Thomas Muller explains: “Many government functions have already been merged or taken over by the CCP, making it harder to distinguish the two. This new round of reforms looks likely to affect the security organs and the financial sector. Some analysts even think that a Committee of Internal Affairs could be created, taking China back to the 1950s and on a wartime footing. However, in all the reforming and ideological struggles the simple truth that the most important feature of Chinese Communism is atheism should not be forgotten (Bitter Winter, 27 February 2023). While the line between government and ruling party is becoming increasingly blurred, it is less important for the country’s Christians to distinguish what the name tags are of those acting against them. They are far more concerned about the growing reliance on Communist ideology and atheism which is continuing to limit the ways Christians can live out their faith.”

Thomas Muller adds: “A chilling example of what such limitations look like is the “Smart Religion App”, which has been rolled out for use in some parts of Henan province, as reported by China Aid on 6 March 2023. Henan is the province with the third largest population in China and is host to a large number of Christians, especially those meeting in house churches. The app has to be used in advance when people wish to attend services in churches, mosques or temples. People are expected to click on the App, select a venue and then enter personal information, including name, phone number, ID number, permanent residence, occupation and date of birth. Only then can they make ‘a reservation’. Reportedly, the number of church attendants has dropped, which may be the effect the local branch of the Communist Party wished for, apart from managing citizens’ religious life in a stricter way.”


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