Islamic oppression Nigeria | 08 August 2023

Nigeria: Help for the victims of the Mangu LGA attacks

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In the last few months, hundreds have been killed in attacks in Plateau state, houses have been set on fire and many survivors have fled from their communities. The worst hit has been Mangu Local Government Area (LGA). Gideon Para-Mallam (co-founder of The Para-Mallam Peace Foundation / TPMPF) issued a Press Statement on 11 July 2023 giving details and calling for an end to the killings and impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators. Among the statistics presented were the following: Between 17 April and 10 July 2023, 208 Christians and 26 Muslims have been killed in Mangu LGA. The next highest statistics were in Barkin Ladi LGA (39 Christians, 0 Muslims killed) and Riyom LGA (34 Christians killed and 2 Muslims). TPMPF is widely accepted as a reliable source and various media platforms have made use of its detailed research in their articles, such as Punch NG and The Tribune on 13 July 2023.

Frans Veerman, Managing Director of World Watch Research, comments: “These statistics are about real people suffering. It is particularly impressive how the TPMPF does not just gather data and raise awareness, but also takes humanitarian action, recently leading a delegation to bring mattresses, beans, rice, corn and cooking oil to a location in Mangu LGA where over 18,000 displaced persons were taking refuge in a primary school (Punch NG and Plateau Reports on 23 July 2023). The federal and state governments need to come alongside such private initiatives and take over the humanitarian support of such victims in Plateau state and in so many other states.”


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