Islamic oppression Nigeria | 08 September 2022

Nigeria: Insecurity could threaten upcoming elections

With various non-state actors controlling many local government areas there is doubt whether the security of electoral personnel and voters in the 2023 general elections can be guaranteed.


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As reported by Punch NG on 27 August 2022, concern is growing over the fact that “40 local government areas in different parts of the country are firmly in the control of various non-state actors”. This threatens to make the security of electoral personnel and voters in the 2023 general elections impossible to guarantee. As an illustration of the freedom with such armed groups can operate, Punch NG reported on 4 September 2022 that around 30-40 passengers in a bus travelling in Ose Local Government Area of Ondo State were abducted by an armed group.
Frans Veerman, Managing Director of World Watch Research, comments: “The abduction of the bus passengers is just one example of how violent groups can operate with apparent impunity. One gets the impression that chaos is not far off in Ondo State, especially after the Catholic church massacre in June (BBC News, 6 June 2022). It is clear that in such areas where jihadist-related groups can operate with impunity, conducting elections is likely to be impossible. Given that violence is disproportionately aimed at Christians in Nigeria, the possibility for Christians to choose leaders whom they can trust for a better future is thereby seriously undermined.”


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