Islamic oppression Nigeria | 08 September 2022

Nigeria: Sexual gratification demanded by armed groups in Katsina State

‘Bandits’ in Katsina State are forcing farmers to hand over their wives and daughters for sexual purposes.


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A YouTube video released on 29 August 2022 by TVC News Nigeria discusses reports of ‘bandits’ in Katsina State forcing people to work on their own farms for the benefit of their captors, even to the extent of handing over their wives and daughters for sexual purposes.

Frans Veerman, Managing Director of World Watch Research, comments: “The interviewer in the TV discussion says that ‘the more we lax in our efforts to tackle insecurity ravaging our country, the stronger the bandits grow to inflict things on hapless citizens’. 2021 saw an intensification of military action against various jihadist groups, with higher numbers of perpetrators killed than in the years before, so it is somewhat surprising how this sort of ‘bandit’ behavior in Katsina State can continue to happen, especially since it has become public knowledge. One always wonders if there is government complicity (be it at local or national level) in such a state of affairs. If that is the case, who can vulnerable citizens turn to?”


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