Islamic oppression Bangladesh | 14 May 2024

Bangladesh: A religiously complex country

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The lynching of two Muslims by Hindu villagers, which took place on 18 April 2024 (UCA News, 25 April 2024), highlights how complex the religious situation in the country has become. 


World Watch Research (WWR) analyst Thomas Muller comments: “The way in which Bangladesh has become a very complex country when it comes to religion - especially in the case of converts - is explained in more detail in WWR’s Full Country Dossier (December 2023). This particular lynching of Muslim workers was carried out by a Hindu mob, enraged that a local Hindu temple had been set on fire. If one were to simply read the headline about a lynching in Bangladesh, one might inadvertently assume the news concerns adherents of the majority religion (Muslims) attacking Hindus (a minority religion). However, this incident goes to show the strength of religious convictions among Hindu believers in the country. This is also true for Buddhist believers.  Such incidents are therefore a sobering reminder of just easily Christians in the country (especially converts) – if they are not careful – can also stir up such strong convictions, leading to violent reactions.”


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