Islamic oppression DRC | 26 June 2024

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): Civilian anger over Islamist insurgents’ attacks

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According to an article by Reuters published on 16 June 2024, local authorities in DRC’s North Kivu province reported that at least 7 people (including 5 from the security forces) had been killed on 14 and 15 June during angry demonstrations by residents frustrated by the escalating number of attacks by suspected Islamist rebels. Radical Islamic Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) fighters are alleged to have killed at least 42 civilians of Mayikengo village in Lubero territory on 12 June and over 80 more civilians in other villages in the preceding week.

World Watch Research analyst Yonas Dembele comments: “The instability in eastern DRC is the result of the activities of groups like ADF and continues to result in deadly attacks (primarily against civilians) and displacement. Recent violence has been particularly severe in North Kivu province, where the ADF has been active for decades. Local civil society members have called for increased security measures to prevent further violence and ensure the safety of civilians. Similarly, angry residents are demanding more protection from the government. Although the government has launched a series of military operations to combat the ADF, these efforts have so far been met with limited success.”

Yonas Dembele continues: “The violent protests reflect the deep-seated frustration and fear among residents in the face of ongoing attacks and instability. Without an end in sight to this crisis, civilians remain at risk of being attacked. This particularly affects the Christian community which at times faces deliberate targeting by ADF militants.”


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