Islamic oppression Afghanistan | 05 May 2023

Afghanistan: Religious minorities have to go it alone

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As BBC News reported on 6 April 2023, the Taliban has banned not just NGOs from employing women, but also the UN, a move condemned in the strongest terms by the international organization.

World Watch Research analyst Thomas Muller explains: “If such a ban is implemented strictly, it will be impossible to reach many of the most vulnerable in Afghanistan, especially widows, women and children. The UN Humanitarian overview from January 2023 states that two thirds of the population (or 28.3 million people) require urgent humanitarian assistance, which illustrates the size of the challenge, especially as ‘donors’ fatigue’ is causing shortfalls in the level of funds required. This has led some observers to challenge the international community, especially the Western donor countries, into rethinking its policy of not engaging diplomatically with the Taliban (The Interpreter, 13 April 2023), especially since signs of any organized resistance against the Taliban – whether inside or outside the country – appear non-existent (Jamestown Foundation, 31 March 2023). As a result, the Afghan people, including the small religious minorities, are having to go it alone in the fight for basic survival.”

In conclusion, Thomas Muller states: “At the time of publishing, it was still too early to know what the outcome of the UN’s Doha meeting on 1 and 2 May 2023 was. However, as AAN reported on 30 April 2023, the UN does not seem to speak with one voice, reflecting the insecurity and different approaches in how to deal with a seemingly unshaken Taliban.”


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