Dictatorial paranoia Burkina Faso | 11 October 2023

Burkina Faso: Alleged September coup attempt fails

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As reported by Al-Jazeera on 28 September 2023, Burkina Faso’s military rulers stated that an attempt had been made by army officers and others to seize government control. It was announced that most of the ‘offenders’ had been arrested. The attempted coup – if indeed genuine – was thwarted just days after more than 50 army personnel and volunteer fighters were killed in clashes with rebels, the heaviest losses in months (Al-Jazeera, 5 September 2023).

World Watch Research analyst Yonas Dembele comments: “Since the military government under Captain Traore took over power in September 2022, attacks by Islamist rebels have intensified and the army is clearly struggling to deal decisively with the threat. The past three years have witnessed serious political instability in the country and a host of coup attempts, suggesting army discontent is high. As a result, the political situation remains highly volatile. The coup contagion in the Sahel region has significantly exacerbated the security situation, creating an environment where Islamist rebels can move with relative ease and launch attacks on civilians. This pattern looks likely to persist as the whole region  lacks democratic stability.”

Yonas Dembele continues: “The persistent instability in Burkina Faso has not only led to political turmoil but also provides jihadists with opportunities to expand their influence and inflict harm on the civilian population, especially Christians, who find themselves at greater risk as the security situation deteriorates.”


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